There’s about 3 different kart style racing games, some free-to-play and some not, that I could compare Chibi Kart to right away but I’ll avoid those obvious comparisons and skip right to the chase. Publisher OGPlanet is sitting at the starting line right now waiting for you to jump into the cutesy world of Chibi Kart. The Mario Kart/Social MMO mash-up launches its first beta test today, October 27th.

Chibi Kart includes multiple game modes such as time trial, ghost, and item mode as well as a “crew versus crew” mode that allows you to form teams with friends and take your team to the tracks against other crews. Chibi Kart’s gameplay looks to be reminiscent of Kartrider with a touch of Crazy Taxi “zaniness” thrown in.

Awesome. Two paragraphs in and I did manage to bring up those other games anyway!

Beta testers can sign up on the Chibi Kart official site and will also have a chance to win $50 in Astros (OGPlanet’s game currency) that can be used in any of the publisher’s free-to-play titles.

Start your engines and make sure to come back here and let others know what you think!

UPDATE: As of Noon Eastern US time, Chibi Kart continues to come up as “Under Maintenance” when trying to launch. There is no official start time posted on the game’s forums as of right now.

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  1. Kart n’ Crazy was it called, if I remember right.
    Now it’s “Chibi Karts”.

    If you look at the gameplay it doesn’t even seem half bad, so why do they present it so horribly?

    Where rotting games go to rest in peace.

    • It was Kartrider when it first released in China and the western market. It was even a really big game in china and they had big torunaments with price money way over the 100k USD.

      That was like 12years ago. But it was still fun to play

      • 12 years ago?! i cant believe this game is so old and it looks so descent, it kinda looks like it was first released in 2004, which is 10 years ago, but still i cant believe it would be from 2002


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