Chimeraland’s Newest Update, “Attack Of The Tyrant” Brings A Wide Range Of Prehistoric Beasts To The Game

Nothing will tricera-top this colossal update.

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Chimerland gets dinos

As if Chimeraland didn't already have an insane amount of creative customization options, their new “Attack of the Tyrant” update for PC, iOS, and Android brings a wide range of prehistoric beasts that can be hunted, tamed, and, not to mention, players can even create their own prehistoric character using Chimeraland’s genre-defining customizer. Also in the update are two new highly requested player abilities: Pet Shaping and Pet Dyeing, both of which grant even deeper customization options for pets and mounts.

“We couldn’t be happier to unleash these new beasts into the vast world of Chimeraland, and we can’t wait to see what kinds of wonderfully strange dinosaur chimeras players will create,” said Hideo Liu, assistant producer at Level Infinite.

In addition to the Attack of the Tyrant update, there will also be an all-new museum which features models of the newly introduced prehistoric beasts. Players can earn points in the museum by participating in science quizzes and exclusive PvE battles to unlock access to dinosaur furniture, ornaments, high-tier equipment, a new avatar title, and plenty of other rewards.

Players can also look forward to the following:

• Once-daily Tyrannosaurus Rex boss battle; rewards are varying dinosaur blind boxes

• Seven-day sign-in bonus; rewards are dinosaur-themed outfits and cosmetics

• Upgraded dinosaur battle dungeon

• New Medusa storyline, obtainable by all players in the Home City

Chimeraland’s dinosaur-packed update is available now on all platforms with even more dinosaur species to arrive in the coming weeks, including but not limited to the Velociraptor, Quetzalcoatlus, Triceratops, and Plesiosaur.

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