If you’ve been waiting for Missing Worlds Media’s City of Titans to get your fill of City of Heroes nostalgia, then you obviously have some time to wait. While moving as fast as they can for a team of volunteers, Missing Worlds Media just can’t release their City of Heroes spiritual successor as fast as players would like.

If you want a kick right in the feels though, you may want to check out the Titan Network’s Paragon Chat. Take City of Heroes and a chat room and smash them together and you get the idea behind Paragon Chat. Taking the character creator and all of the zones in City of Heroes, the Titan Network has brought some of the service back as a virtual chat room. You won’t have super powers, missions, or enemies to fight, but you can get into costume, chat with other fans of the game, and embark on some epic, nostalgia filled role playing.

Check out Somewhat Ecelectic’s YouTube channel and his video above to get a tour of the Paragon Chat from a City of Heroes veteran and the breakdown on some of the things the Titan Network is planning on adding in future updates.

You can download the “client” here.

Thanks to MMOBomber Brian for the heads-up!

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  1. Brian is the biggest city of heroes supporter out there if the game is ever re released look for Rogue Bane and tell Brian thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    City of heroes players forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We love you Brain thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to have your crab babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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