City of Steam underwent its open beta launch on May 10th, but the MMOs steampunk center was a little on the soft side and notably lacking a few key features including some classes, races, and zones. Mechanist Games assured fans these features would not be gone for long and were simply in need of some fine tuning before their return. Today, the Unity powered MMORPG announced update 1.3 which will take some first steps towards fulfilling those promises set out at the beginning of the open beta.

The update is packed with content including more dungeons, expanded questlines, a level cap increase and an improved suburb for those who purchased a founders pack. The update also marks the return of the Channeler class and both the dwarf and all three greenskin races.

A lot of focus lately has also gone towards adding a new PvP even in City of Steam as well. There are already two major events which focus on PvE survival, but update 1.3 will soon bring a third PvP focused event called “Siege of the Spire”. The event is said to pit two teams against each other in a MOBA-inspired arena, complete with mob waves, turrets, three lanes and a main base. Unlike a traditional MOBA, this event doesn’t seem to have its own leveling, skill or item system. Players will most likely be duking it out in regular MMO PvP fashion complete with all their skills and gear.

The City of Steam open beta is now available to everyone, so if your interested in learning more about the update or just want to give it a go head on over to the official site here.

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  1. For those of you who keep bashing this game you really have not tried it to it’s full potential. Yes it is a browser game but it is way better than 90% of most client based mmorpg’s out there. But i will say one thing I do not like about it. They really need to lift all of the damn global chat restrictions. I mean really you gotta pay to chat or find other players to party up with. I hate games that do this & I will not play it any more until they do so! Aion dose this as well so dose LOTOR. I hate that. & will not play a game with chat restrictions.

  2. Game is horrible. Not even steam punk. They just copy and pasted some hazard signs around the map and call it steam punk. I have been in since CB just until now. The last silent patches nerfed classes and created a grind and massive P2W elements that most games did away with already. I do like the quality for a web based game, but it is a download. The Unity Engine is a download and you can play several Unity games for free like Be Gone etc.. Then you see the 2D horrible cut scenes in this game followed by boring npc chat to push a non epic story and it just turns into a poop chute pretty darn fast. That and all races have same starting area, same dumb dad to save froma burning building. It is really in a bad state. Include all the tweaks the company is doing bringing the game down…The server I am on is a ghost town, every one capped the first two weeks of OB before the nerfing and not much else to take unless you want steam punk themes crammed down teh throat like motorcycle mount. Instanced PVE = mounts useless, just there to say “oh hey, we know you have wood shield and sword and are fighting rats, bats, and beetles, but here is bike because it is steam punk XD”

    • Yeah…no.
      So you know, steampunk is a theme, or a time in history that did NOT actually happen, though many wish it did. However, steampunk’s name is misleading and often over exaggerated. Steam punk is still in the time of swords, because guns were just coming around with flint-lock and so forth. In all honesty, since the said time of steampunk has never actually happened historically, who are you to say that it can’t be what they have it as?

      Steampunk history wise is right around the time when Industry was becoming more and more common. That’s why steampunk could NOT happen, because they needed a more powerful source of energy as production became more and more demanding very quickly. So the steampunk era was skipped for the Industrial Revolution.

      With that in mind, it’s normally characterized by fancy machines with brass and tubes. Lots of dials and meters, with loads of steam. That’s really it. Steampunk is a lot more metal, and a lot less fancy machines. Its steam PUNK for a reason.

      • Also, not to double post, but it IS a browser game. It’s running in your internet using Unity, cut-scenes and gameplay should be nonexistent, but they did it anyway. It’s also very solid, with some skill shots and AOE AIMING mechanics, they have made a solid game. I do repeat however, it is a BROWSER MMO meaning it’s very limited. That said, they have done wonderful with what they have, and I have seen nothing but improvement since the closed beta. I look forward to seeing where this goes in the future. As of now though, it could still use a bit of brushing up. None the less, it’s really fun and a great game for lower graphics cards. It also has low RAM and system specs all together.

        I say, good job City of Steam, and build a damn train!

  3. It may be browser based, but it’s actually pretty fun, with nice stylish and detailed graphics, along with dungeon based questing and also “open dungeons”, along with many fun events and PVP, it’s a complete MMO that surpasses many other downloadable high quality games in the market. Try it.

    • BTW, they didn’t seem to have released that just yet, till now they just sent out an e-mail to the subscribers, the actual release, according to the counter on the game, will be in 6 days.


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