Clip Of Pantheon: Rise Of The Fallen's Dev Stream Explains Perception System For Combat And Exploration

A give-and-take framework that'll mold a player's capabilities in fights and through scholarly endeavors.

Anthony Jones
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Pantheon Dev Video

Today, developer Visionary Realms uploaded a clip on YouTube (below) of their May 2022 Developers Roundtable stream for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. It highlights the Perception system that can determine a player's capabilities in combat and exploration situations, offering room for experimentation and could enhance the social aspect of the future MMO.

As part of the "Fragments of Terminus" series, the video stars Senior Game Designer Adam Mostel briefly speaking on the Perception system and its current intricacies. To start, Mostel explains that players can only access some content if they have the appropriate skills, which the Perception system will facilitate. Currently, Visionary has developed the system enough to where players will have to make the hard choice of which skills to put on their action set, limiting what they can do.

The goal is to explore an "untapped space" in the MMORPG genre by boosting the roleplaying and mechanical factor of crafting a character and its talents or skills. That way, it'll help dive into the identity of the player but also involve a more socially in-depth aspect of the game that may lead to some group coordination. It's a fascinating take that sounds great on paper but will likely need some smoothing to bear fruit.

Is choosing which skills you can use to get further in certain content important to you? Let's talk about it below!

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