Developer Maata Games announced Closed Beta testing for its free-to-play strategy based empire building MMO, Erectus the Game. Players take on the role of Homo sapiens 130,000 years in the past. At the time, they are forced to share the world with Homo erectus and end up engaged in a battle for the fate of humanity. Players build empires, raise armies, and team up against the common enemy.

The beta will be open to a limited number of players. Those interested in testing the game can grab a key via MMOGames.

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  1. Lol..
    Is “Maata Games” on drugs or something?
    Coming up with a name like “Erectus” is like asking to be trolled endlessly.
    But.. that may actually have been genius, there is hardly any need to advertise since a name like that will get around whether you want it or not.

    “they are forced to share the world with Homo erectus”

    This one is practically asking for a scandal. ^^)

    • Except they didn’t “come up” with Erectus… That’s the real name our extinct ancestors. It means “Upright man”. A google search next time might help you not look stupid…

      • It doesn’t matter what it was once upon a time 10.000 years ago. We’re living in here and now, and in here and now it sounds stupid.
        Next time maybe account about people who generally don’t spend their free time going around and digging in ass-end of history..

      • Except that when internet people will see “Erectus the game” they won’t think “Ooh, an accurate scientific name in Latin. Nice!”. They’ll think “an erectile game lol, pinus online XD”.

        This game being ridiculously unhistorical doesn’t help either.

  2. “130 000 years ago… we built villages (o_o) and cities (O_O) and great walls around ourselves (0___0) …” And when I think I’m already facepalming hard enough the video proceeds to show sword cavalry and chariots. Why did they even bother with masquerading this as history of humanity? Just because they wanted to use word “eREKTus” so badly? -_- Sigh.

    • Yeah as i understand from this all they probably want you to go “down” on their “town” and “wREKT” their “SOUTHgates” with your “Siege-EREKTus”. Or something. *cough* I’m outa here.


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