My.com will be taking over publishing duties for Crytek’s free-to play mutli-player shooter Warface in Europe and America. Crytek and My.com announced the new partnership stating that they “look forward to the considerable growth of the game in North America and Europe.”

According to the press release, β€œThe My.com team knows the Warface game exceedingly well thanks to the operation expertise of its parent company Mail.Ru, which is a close partner of Crytek and has been successfully operating Warface in CIS countries for 4 years and made the game one of the leading online shooter games in CIS with a total player base exceeding 40 million registered players.”

Crytek will continue developing and supporting the game as well as working to create more content for players.

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  1. V3nom on January 18, 2017

    Thank god. During it’s CBT I had tons of fun with this game. Will definitely come back to check it out.

  2. Simon on January 18, 2017

    the game it self is great i enjoy it ALOT
    main problem for now is P2W , hackers , grinding anything els ?
    hope MY.COM make it good again

  3. Jafarson on January 17, 2017

    i loved this game so much and i couldn’t play it cause of country restrictions on EU…. and russian – mail.ru was horrible, full with 9 years old babies and cheaters. hope my.com will not have restrictions…

  4. trionisshit on January 17, 2017

    Shit company with shit pay to win games for brainless russians who like to donate and pay to win, 2nd trion!

  5. Makiavel on January 17, 2017

    thats good news i hope they remove gface launcher..thix Q i know u like warface πŸ˜›

    • Curst on January 17, 2017

      They are just as likely to implement their own launcher in its place. lol There’s already one in Russia.