Get ready for some space stuff. This week’s Epic Game Store freebie is Alt Shift’s tactical rogue-like Crying Suns. The game puts players in the role of a fleet commander exploring a fallen empire in space. The story is inspired by both Dune and Foundation. Set in a universe where 700 years of peace overseen by god-like machines has come to an end, the story picks up with the player — a clone of the best Imperial Admiral in history is sent on a mission to reactivate the machine gods and save mankind, which as become so reliant on the machines that they can’t function without them.

The game allows players to explore a procedurally-generated universe while controlling battleships and squadron fleets. There’s also plenty of focus on narrative with over 300 possible story events spread across 6 chapters.

Generally, Crying Suns runs $25 with the option for a free demo, but between now and next Thursday you can grab it for free. There’s only one bit of DLC, a digital artbook for $5.

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