EA’s reboot of the popular Command & Conquer RTS franchise, may be finally transitioning out of alpha and into closed beta, maybe. In a post on the official C&C forums, EA_Tim announced Victory Games’ tentative release targets for Command & Conquer stating:

We’ve been working hard to address alpha feedback, and I want to update you on our current targets:

Week of October 28th – Alpha update with Onslaught PvE mode, and loads of changes based on community feedback
Week of November 25th – Beginning of closed beta!
Week of February 24th – Launch

Here is where it get’s tricky though, the official post has since been removed from the forums which could mean they were pulled after some major setback or were simply released prematurely. Then again, only EA knows for sure. According to the post 800,000 players have signed up for the closed beta so far. If you’re interested in being signup number 800,001, be sure to head on over to the official site here.

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  1. So another month to wait for a game? Well I think it will be a good game, I have signed up but I am waiting around 3 months so now we go for the fourth? Oh great…

    • twitch stream numbers aren’t really that relevant when you consider war thunder usually only has about 100 viewers yet manages 40k concurrent players on a regular basis.

  2. 800,000 players have signed up – do you rly think nobody registered 2 or more times cause maybe get a key? this data is nonsense.


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