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I love sharing large community events going on within some of our favorite free to play MMORPGS. This week I received an email from MMOBomber Kandral letting me know about the upcoming Harnkegger Games on The Lord of the Rings Online’s Laurelin server and wanted to share the news.

Starting on August 31st and running through September 6th, the Harnkegger Games is an annual in game event hosted by players that serves as the LOTRO Olympic Games. Turbine themselves even gets in on the action and supplies Turbine Points to be awarded as event prizes. This year’s Harnkegger games will feature 15 events and 30,000 Turbine Points on the line.

What kind of events? Well, how about a horse race? Seems like an obvious choice in Middle Earth, right? Too “vanilla” for you? Maybe you’d like the dice tournament, the fire jump run over hot coals, or maybe even the sparring tournament.

Last year’s event (the third such event) brought in over 300 participants and with this year’s prizes the Durin’s Folk and Shire Angling Club Kinships, the organizers of the events, hope to bring in even more players.

Check out their website for all the events, how you can enter, and the overall schedule.

If you have something large scale and cool going on in your favorite MMO’s community, let me know about it at magicman@mmobomb.com.

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  1. Looks like something fun, good luck to those who will participate in it, I will have to look it up on YouTube, or Twitch.

    • It is the RP server indeed. Though RP is welcomed it is not obliged. You’ll find that the majority of the Laurelin players do not RP. Though the winner-ceremonies are all done in RP by the organizers, these events are for ALL players, not just RPers,. It’s a chance for tremendous fun everyone should just have a go at.


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