Days of Glory have come to Skyforge, inviting Immortals to experience multiple events to commemorate the Battle for Aelinar, 850 years ago. Unsurprisingly, the celebration of a battle encourages players to fight in a number of different ways.

Take down ghosts in Squad, Group, and Invasion adventures to receive Ether Trace Particles, which you can exchange for items in the game’s market. You’ll also have a chance to receive a special reward that unlocks a holiday quest. Another storyline, Dead Air, revolves around a missing intelligence agent and can net you the impressive-sounding Universe Conqueror Armor.

The main event is War Games, an arena battle that pits you against a six-pack of holographic re-creations of Aelinar’s original Mechanoid invaders, each with a pair of selectable difficulty levels. The arena itself boasts a number of challenges, from repair stations that heal the boss to laser turrets. If you can defeat all bosses on their highest difficulties in a single day, you’ll receive the Aelion Guardian Flag — and the cheers of all your adoring worshipers, I’m sure.

Days of Glory 2020 runs until May 27. Learn more about the event on the Skyforge site.

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