Conquer Online 3, the sequel to NetDragon’s free-to-play MMORPG, Conquer Online 2.0 is coming. While preserving many popular features of its predecessor, Conquer Online 3 will also welcome new elements as well as improvements. In Conquer Online 3, the control will be simpler, both the PvP and PvE battle will be more challenging and the balance for classes will be reshaped with each class having their own specialties. At the same time, the controversial Battle Power feature will be eliminated.

In addition to the game system, the graphics of Conquer Online 3 will also be enhanced to a higher level. Holding up to the Chinese hand-painted style, the world of Conquer Online 3 will be portrayed more elaborately to make every detail of the environment vivid. Compared with the current game, the landscape of ancient China is more delicately displayed in a realistic style with mysterious oriental martial arts elements added in. Plus the wealth of colors used in the creation, the world of Conquer Online 3 will definitely become a dream place for gamers to visit when it is open.

Conquer Online 3 has already launched its official website, you can log on to to follow the information about this game.


  1. Its not bad like u guys say it is im 2nd rb nd started buying new unbound equips nd i havent spent a penny on the game they kinda took out farming for gear nd items with farming for lesser items nd selling to up ur gear…as far as i can c they just need to nerf nd add the old farming quests back in cuz quite a few ppl (Server: Region/Columbus) in my server found dbs or won them in the lottery nd all dragonballs r sold for gold nd as far as i kno if u dont live in the US or Canada u cant get in that server all the doubters should check it out (Best Guild GhostMakerZ nd Sinister)

  2. Awesome! I’ve seen what kind of new features they’ll add. But it seems like it’s a combination of co 1 with co 2 features. This game sounds like it’ll be a lot more balanced, and it’s not as hard to get gear :D! It’ll be like a tq personally made private server.

  3. I used to love playing CO all the time. The days of plvling all over, tons of players mining in the mines having to protect miners, ppl doing moonboxes. They went wrong when lottery, Talismans, Horses came out taking away working to get gear and gems in game.Turned into having to buy more and more dbs to want to have anything decent. The talismans and horses made the pvp not balanced at all meaning the lesser geared players had absolutely no chance at taking down a real geared characters.This really made me lose interest real fast so i moved on to other games like WoW and Call of Duty, ect. I could see why the made the changes from a financial standpoint but it really made the game unplayable in my opinion. Best of wishes to Conquer Online maybe one day they will get it back on track.

  4. I also Used to play CO, Spent maybe $300 buying DBs and hrs of game play. I have to say CO2 is a failed, Like ChrisHateZ say CO got greedy, you cant even farm or hunt for rare items anymore. CO lower the drop rate % of DB,rare items etc. even MET are hard to find.

    The best part about CO is the pvp .. FastBlade and ScentSword Battle. Now and days no one give a hell shit cares about FB or SS. All about Spending money buying items from the mall or doing lottery.

    CO1 was better … CO2 suck … hopefully CO3 will be better better. Hopefully CO will change some of the Class, add more class.

    Make the game better, Axe, hammer are all useless wep in CO no one use them. Remove them or make them better.

  5. I used to play conquer 2.0 back a few months ago and i can say its a total disaster! as the fellow in the previous comments said,they removed some of the vital features for the new players and now its impossible to achieve anything unless you spend a lot of money on their official site.The game is chaos,just saying…I hope CO 3.0 will be far better than that.

    • Yeah, i really hate that too. they **** up on making it so u have to buy a bunch of cps to get better stuff, now they dont even have free EVENTS!!! LIKE WTF?!?! TQ? i have 8 event items in my inventory RIGHT NOW and they ALL say PLEASE PUT CPS IN TO START THE EVENT. WTF? UGH

  6. Wtf we all teird in this game and realy alot of ppl pay money alot of money
    So what characturs co 3 have?

  7. This game is incredibly popular in Asia, I recall visiting the Philippines, SKorea, and Thailand where internet cafes actually boast their business for Conquer, Cabal, and Soldier Front.

  8. …I’m not entirely sure what to say…. i mean was conquer 2 Really that good/successfull that it was able to make another.

    • Yes Conquer Online 2 is actually very popular and people spend a lot of money on that game,i played it before and Iv’e met a lot of people that spent few thousand dollars each on it (most of those people were rich egyptians,and there is lot of them in CO2,they are the main reason that game is still alive).

      Anyway it was a really good game at first but then they just ruined it with all the changes they made with patches replacing all good features with bad ones,and they got greedy as hell and started making that game more pay-to-win with each patch (removing some of the monsters that people used to hunt items/gear on,removed some of the mine features where people could have gathered rare gems and dragonballs,and so on).


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