Fans of Conquer Online, the combat based, free-to-play title from, have been speculating for quite some time on the game’s newest class and when it would finally be released. Well, news came out of Hong Kong today that the wait for the “King of Kung Fu” expansion wouldn’t be long…in fact it’s tomorrow.

That’s right! Players will be able to get their hands on the new Dragon Warrior class tomorrow. Using Chinese Kung Fu and nunchucks, the Dragon Warrior will feel right at home squaring off against a single opponent toe to toe or facing large groups of enemies all at once.

This expansion will also include 2 new servers for Conquer Online, the return of the Mine Cave, and a number of both online and offline events. will also be giving out tons of rewards and newbie packs for returning players that may have been away for a while to help “catch up” a little faster.

Check out the full event breakdown on Conquer Online’s official site.


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  1. This game was so much fun back in the day. But as Malice said, its pay to win. Ive spent about 1600 euro to be able to compete with other high level (geared) players. its allmost impossible to compete without paying.

  2. “Fans of Conquer Online, the combat based”

    you lost me there. Don’t you mean the money based, pay2win MMO?

    Conquer Online basically is the textbook example of p2w. Not all that it pretty much INVENTED it.
    I mean for christ sake people pay tens of thousands of dollars for a TITLE. You’re literally competing to spend more money with other players to show your dominance at spending money arbitrarily. I have to hand it to the CO dev team though, they’re freaking genius’ for being able to rake in so much cash.

    Anyway i’m both surprised yet not surprised CO is still kicking around. Pretty nice to see they still release content sometimes that ISN’T trying to pry your wallet open.

    • not trying to pry your wallet open? a new class means almost a entire new item set to build and get double socket +12 super gemed oh and the weapon and armor soulsso basically another couple hundred to spend oh and a title? make that a thousand or 2

  3. so this class (or whatever you name it) is called “dragon warrior”?
    he doesn’t look like a fat panda at all.

    anyway, it seems the almighty Bruce Lee is the inspiration for this character.


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