As part of the My.Games family, Conqueror’s Blade is offering plenty of free gifts to celebrate its publisher’s renaming. June also marks the second anniversary of the game’s open beta, so that means even more promotions and stuff for players. Double celebration all the way!

Warlords can enjoy new daily sign-in bonuses until June 23 and can pick up the Seidr Druid hero attire and druidic cosmetics for mounts and units by completing some limited-time challenges. Daily and weekly anniversary assignments will net you more loot, and there’s a new series of Twitch drops to be had this weekend, offering “explosive rewards” and the “Life of the Party” title.

Also until June 23, you can take advantage of a 40% boost on XP for heroes and units and bronze from matchmaking battles. Players will also earn Imperial Medals from battles that can be traded in for a number of prizes. You can see all the birthday promotions on the Conqueror’s Blade site.

Finally, to quantify Conqueror’s Blade’s most recent year, My.Games and Booming Tech issued an infographic detailing all the carnage that came with it. That included four seasons, two new nations (Turkey and Poland), 13 million battles, 56 million level-ups, and 185 million player heroes and 445 billion AI soldiers slain. If that’s how many died in just one year, imagine how it will go if the game lasts as long as the Hundred Years’ War.


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