It’s one thing for an American or European game developer to court Chinese dollars by having a Lunar New Year celebration in its game. It makes at least a little more sense for a Chinese developer to do so, and that’s the case with Booming Games, which is celebrating the Winter Light Festival in Conqueror’s Blade over the next few weeks.

The game’s cities are decorated with festive red lanterns and artillery pieces shoot fireworks for the duration of the event. Players can log in every day for rewards or, if they’ve skipped a day, pick up what they’ve missed. The rewards contain bags of loot and a limited-time Red Lion Helm, as well as festival tokens that can be spent to acquire more loot.

On the gameplay front, there’s a new PvE campaign, Storming the Great Wall, which is pretty much what it sounds like. A new PvP map, Wuqing Plains, has been added, and PvP Free Battles now feature wintry conditions that can chill units until they spend some time near a fire.

Learn more about the Winter Light Festival, which runs until Feb. 11, on the Conqueror’s Blade site.


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