Since the debut of World of Warships, aircraft carriers have been a love-’em-or-hate-’em class of ships in the game: You love when the one on your team does great, and hate when it does poorly (and vice versa for the other team’s). ACs have been the determining factor in many a battle, and with Update 0.8.0, Wargaming has made significant changes in how they work, as well as introducing a new festival for everyone to enjoy.

Wargaming has been doing its best to prepare players for the changes to carriers for a while now; while the video below highlights the changes, it’s strongly suggested that players check out the detailed information on how they work on the Warships website. If you find that the new carriers aren’t to your liking, you can get a refund on your purchased carriers, free dismounting of upgrades, and free retraining for your AC captains.

In addition to the new carriers, Update 0.8.0 brings a Lunar New Year celebration to World of Warships, with containers having the possibility to drop premium Pan-Asiatic ships, in addition to their usual prizes. A four-stage event, titled “Fly! Strike! Win!” accompanies the update and gives captains lots of ways to acquire the new loot. Learn about everything Update 0.8.0 has for players on the World of Warships site.

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