The Conqueror’s Blade team wasn’t ready for the influx of players it received when the open beta started up, but it’s working hard to address issues and player concerns, while also adding new content to the game.

Today’s dev video from Game Producer Alexey Larionov answers some of the questions posed by the community, as well as giving a giving a callout to a patch that went out earlier this week that addressed “balance, stability, and matchmaking issues.” For the future of the economy, free trading isn’t in the works, but a form of trading between house members may be implemented, and auction house bots are in their sights.

In terms of gameplay, class balance is always a work in progress, though the video reminds players that that doesn’t just mean 1v1 balance. Borders between territories will be opened “really soon,” and the plan is to introduce a new map every week, with this week’s entry being the siege map Valley Fortress. A new unit line is also in the works for the game’s next big update.


  1. It’s really good thing when the producer can hear the community. Hope we can test 1vs1 with a new balance soon.


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