Official forums for video games are a bit of a dying breed these days. Players increasingly congregate in other — sometimes less-moderated — venues to talk about their games, whether it be Reddit, Discord, or elsewhere. (People still use MySpace, too, right?) Some developers are keying into this trend, often deploying more resources to these outlets than to their forums, to the point where the official forums become irrelevant.

The forums for Conqueror’s Blade aren’t totally dead, but they’re not exactly lively either. A quick look at the English forums finds most threads in the General Discussion or House Recruitment areas, with no more than 57 threads in any other. The forums for other languages are even more barren. Maybe that’s why Booming Games and My.Games have decided to do away with them entirely, as announced in a news post today.

Players can no longer make new posts in the official forums, which will be shut down on March 4. In lieu of their departure, players are encouraged to be more active on the CB Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and official Discord.

While the traffic numbers are undoubtedly on the low side, I can also recall receiving a survey or two from Conqueror’s Blade over the past few months. One of the questions was along the lines of “Where do you go to talk about the game?” and I’d suppose very few people answered “the official forums.” There were also questions about where you go to get news about the game, and we naturally encourage everyone to answer “” to those kinds of questions 🙂


  1. Discord is good to get almost instant replies if you have a question, but if you want to post a lengthy suggestion, it will get drowned in comments and never will be seen by a staff memember.


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