Conqueror’s Blade Season VIII: Dynasty is now underway, sending warlords to the new Chinese-flavored region of Longting to engage in battle, recruit new units, and learn a new weapon. That weapon is the pike, the game’s first new weapon since the maul in Season III, designed to keep enemies at bay while making use of swift and deadly combos for maximum efficiency.

Dynasty also brings three new units to the game: the peace-loving (but not averse to war) Cudgel Monks, fast-moving warriors that employ staffs and even the occasional flying kick; veteran unit Greyhair Garrison, which can increase its damage at the cost of its own health; and the elite Modao Battalion, which excels at stopping cavalry charges dead in their tracks. The Cudgel Monks are available now, while the other two units will be unlocked as the season progresses.

The region of Longting itself is split into its harsh and resource-poor west and its prosperous and well-populated southeastern areas. That’s where you’ll find the capital city of Hao Jing, which marks the start of the Golden Road trade route and is a peaceful haven, where no Territory Wars battles can occur. A new siege map, Linwu Fortress, will be added to the game during the season.

Learn more about Season VIII: Dynasty on the Conqueror’s Blade site.


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