Initially delayed by the coronavirus outbreak in China, the next season of Conqueror’s Blade is finally coming later this month. Season III: Soldiers of Fortune comes to the game on April 21, bringing a new weapon and new units with a Renaissance-era Italian theme.

The maul is the new weapon, and it’s a dual-bladed lightsaber — no wait, wrong Maul. This maul is a big two-handed war hammer that will “smash defences and splinter ranks with blunt force trauma.” It’s unlocked by reaching level 25 in the basic (free) version of the season’s battle pass.

The five new units coming to the battlefield are the Pavise Crossbowmen, who can hide behind their heavy shields; Fortebraccio Pikemen, named after a legendary mercenary; Condottieri Guards, well-balanced swordsmen; a new artillery unit with gunpowder-fueled cannons that will be named by players; and the Martellatori, who don’t offer much in attack but are durable and ideal for pushing siege engines.

The battle pass for this season offers 100 levels’ worth of rewards, including the maul and four of the units, as well as season-exclusive cosmetics items and other content. The maul and units will be unlockable through other means after the end of the season. For more on the new upcoming season, check out the Conqueror’s Blade website.


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