Conqueror’s Blade’s New PvE Campaign Has You Rebuilding And Reclaiming The Frozen North


The world of Conqueror’s Blade is in the grip of winter and it’s up to players to release its icy grip, with a new PvE campaign that kicks off today. Players can travel to Ostaria in the north to reclaim land from the Desecrators, either in the field or in fiefs they have captured. Their hold on the northlands is “too entrenched to be permanently evicted at this early stage,” but you’ll be rewarded with seasonal currency (“Lions”) for your efforts.

Once the next stage starts, on Jan. 4, you’ll be able to begin the rebuilding efforts in Ostaria. Every Monday, there will be a list of fiefs that need reconstruction, and if you can get them the resources they need, you’ll also be rewarded. You can also deliver resources to your local Quartermaster for Lions and other loot.

The rebuilding effort will continue until the start of February, when the player houses that contributed the most to each fief’s rebuilding efforts will lay claim to it and receive influence in that region. For more details on the new campaign, hit up the Conqueror’s Blade site.


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