TERA‘s got some parties going on this month, and everyone’s invited! Provided you’re playing on a console, that is. And provided you’ve got Xbox Live Gold if you’re on Xbox One. But, caveats aside, who doesn’t like parties?

Rootstock and Pond Faire are currently underway on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will run until Oct. 1. You can earn various achievements, earn cool pets, and bake delicious dishes (that also give a stat boost), or just wander the open-air market of Rootstock or the festive marshlands of the Tuwangi Mire. Wait, “festive marshlands”? Maybe festive for the mosquitoes …

Several mini-events are active during the event, including an all-class leveling event until Sept. 24, increased gold and reputation rewards from Vanguard quests until Sept. 10, a battleground spotlight this weekend that will net you extra rewards, and a “Warrior vs. Ninja” loading screen contest that runs until Sept. 20. That last shouldn’t really be a contest, because everyone knows ninjas are far cooler.

Learn more about the in-game festivities on the TERA site.


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