Dungeon-based MMORPG Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) launched its most recent update, titled Ancient Arena, yesterday. The update for free-to-play game was implemented during scheduled maintenance, bringing with it a new competitive PvE dungeon, Ancient Arena, and a PvP tournament system.

The Ancient Arena is a 1v1 PvE dungeon available to characters level 51 and above that spawns a different monster every time. To enter the Arena, players must talk to the Portal Mage with the invitation ticket and click on “Enter Ancient Arena.” While in the dungeon, the player will be battling not only the monster but the clock. The round will end when the player or monster dies, or the clock runs out.

The update will be introducing new “Growth Stones,” which will be one of the rewards players can earn by participating in the dungeon. These help players increase their gear stats according to their rank while the season is in progress, with a new season taking place every two weeks.

PvP fans have something to look forward to as well. Every Sunday, PvPers with a level 45 or higher will be able to participate in a new 1v1 PvP tournament. Winners will receive a variety of rewards including a special Auspice.

Players can also look forward to some improvements in the game, including the Fishing Bait and Auspice Exchange system and a Hero Support Chest Rework. The Chest will contain over 8,000 Wcoin ($80) worth of new items like advanced weapons, Inventory Expansion Scrolls, Skill Reset Scrolls, and more.

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