Just like its physical counterpart, Magic: The Gathering Arena is getting a new Core Set of cards, but the digital card game is getting its infusion today, while real-world card-flippers will need to wait until July 12. The set went live earlier today and, as with all Magic Core Sets, provides simpler cards and is meant to be an easy way to onboard new players. Starter decks and Planeswalker decks are also cheaper this year.

If you’d rather watch than play, then the Magic: The Gathering Arena Celebrity Cup might be what you’re looking for. Featuring 36 players from the U.K., Germany, and France, this event will take place July 11-12 and pair experienced Magic players with “celebrity influencers.” Each nation has its own streaming channel (U.K., Germany, and France), so be sure to root for your favorite — or watch them struggle like a noob trying to understand timing rules.


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