We got a glimpse of Crucible‘s hunters in the announce video from last week, but there was precious little that actually described them — either in terms of personality or in-game ability. Late last week and early today, Amazon Game Studios looked to rectify that, with a set of introductory videos to show off its cast of characters and give people reasons to choose a favorite.

First we have Ajonah, the Ocean’s Whisper, a sleek sniper who appears to hail from an aquatic planet, given her rather fish-like appearance. In addition to her gun, her suite also includes a grappling hook, mines, and a cloaking ability that makes her and her allies undetectable.

Next up is Earl, a simple, uh, “man,” with a big chain gun he’s named “Misty,” after his wife. Misty unleashes destruction in a number of different ways and can be used as a handheld jet engine to propel Earl forward. If he gets into trouble, he can eat a sandvich, I mean, quaff a healing potion to restore his health.

Captain Mendoza is your typical soldier-y shoot-y gruff-looking alpha male who Doesn’t Play By The Rules(tm). His weaponry includes a pulse rifle and grenades and he can call down a portable cover with accompanying medkit when things get hairy. I mean, more hairy than him.

Then there’s Bugg, a cute little terraforming robot who’s somehow found himself in this mess. He can get an elevated view of the action thanks to his built-in thrusters, can grant armor to his allies, and his fast-growing plants function as turrets.

That “flame-jumping” hunter you’ve been seeing in videos? That’s Summer, who fancies herself a “Future Galactic Champ” and carries a pair of arm-mounted flamethrowers into battle. They offer a number of offensive, defensive, and movement options, but be careful that they don’t overheat.

Finally, we take a look at Shakirri, the First Blade of Na Dakkaru, a stylish fighter who uses both bullets and blades to take down enemies. She’s also got solid defenses, in the form of a reflecting shield and a deployable force dome to keep enemies at bay — or keep them close to cut them down.

There’s also a lot more information about the game on the Crucible Steam page, so it’s nice to see that the marketing team has woken from its long slumber at last. Reaction to the character videos has been more positive on YouTube than the initial reveal, which shows that maybe they should have been in the spotlight all along.



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