The base game of Crusader Kings II is free, but it’s got a lot of expansions and other DLC that greatly enhance and improve the playing experience. Those sell for for $5 to $15 apiece, but now you can enjoy them all for just $4.99 per month.

That’s the price of the new subscription offering that Paradox Interactive is making available for CK2. It includes all additional content beyond the base game, which includes:

  • 13 major expansions, including the fierce Norse of The Old Gods, the eastern riches of Rajas of India and the scheming vassals of Conclave.
  • 12 unit packs, including new army sprites for your medieval forces
  • 14 music packs, including two heavy metal scores
  • 10 portrait packs of clothing and faces for rulers around the world
  • The Game Converter which lets you export your saved game to Europa Universalis IV
  • The Crusader Kings II Ruler Designer, so you can create your own starting monarch
    and many more improvements to the core game experience

If your subscription lapses, you’ll lose access to the expansion content, but you can still purchase them via the usual means for permanent access. Paradox said that a subscription plan like this is “an option we are exploring for other Paradox titles”; a similar plan like this has been an option for select players of Europa Universalis IV for some time.

Details on the new subscription and what it entails can be found on the Paradox forums, and you can pay for the subscription itself via Steam.


  1. let just hope that in the near future games DLCs(or maybe the game itself) wont become a subscription only option but instead can still be bough normaly…i reallt don’t like this subscription thing…


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