When I first heard of the fantasy MMO Panzar I honestly had no idea what to expect. The name instantly reminds me of a Panzer which of course was a German armored tank during WW2, but Panzar apparently is the name for a PvP focused action MMO that features wizards, Orcs, Dwarves and nary a tank in sight.

The game sells itself as an action MMO, but lots of games do that nowadays. After further reading it appears the game is mainly focused on PvP with teams of 10 clashing in different strategic modes including Domination, King of the Hill, Siege, and a capture/defend mode where players must retrieve an artifact.

The early gameplay videos do remind me of a certain recently closed action “MMO” called Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes, but Panzar actually looks pretty good. Panzar Studio the development team behind Panzar apparently knows this too. They state:

“Panzar offers something its competitors cannot match: stunningly detailed battles in lush landscapes that crank the concept of high fantasy conflict to a new level of epicness, while the core gameplay links easy-to-learn mechanics with complex character advancement and impeccably balanced character class choices.”

Panzar was originally launched in Russian last year where it attracted over a million players. This new version comes fully localized in English, German and French. Although the game’s launch was limited to the EU, I was able to create an account and install the game without issue over here in the NA.

Check out the official cinematic trailer above which actually has graphics similar to what you can expect in the actual game (crazy I know). If you want to try Panzar out for yourself you can visit the official site here.

Side note: Did anyone notice the Orcs run like Gorillas?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I love competitive fpses.
    I love mmo pvp.
    This game is awesome sauce.
    Haters probably suck at games that require skill.

  2. can some1 explain what MOBA means? i found on net it means: The musem of Bad Art… i cant understand i only eat corns these days

  3. Game is awesomesouce!!! go Play it ist alot of fun if u know how to Play it. Dont listen to the haters they just cant handle the Keyboard and mouse.


  4. This game is the definition of P2Win, Retarded system, abuse at its best.
    Pay for weapons, pay for crafting, pay for runes pay for everything, pay for emotes, pay for colours, you get NOTHING. Game ruined itself.
    F2P people cant craft shit, you farm ur ass off for nothing because crafts fail most of the time… as said, abuse at its best. Not recommended.

    • If you take the time to look at your skill tree (the altar), you will notice there are 3 nodes that increase crafting chance. If you don’t want to fail at crafting, invest in these 3 nodes. This is a lot better than requiring you to purchase an item in the cash shop to increase crafting chance like a lot of games do. Anything items that can be bought with real money can be crafted for free with mats you get at the end of matches…

      Also, after level 4, you get a slider at the end of the match to choose if you want more xp or gold so you can craft stuff even faster if you want.

      The cosmetic items/emotes are the only things that require real money.

      Just like most F2P games, you either go slow to become more powerful, or pay to speed up the process.

    you do not need lanes. FPS is different because it is FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. YOU are stuck in the head of your character to play through several game modes. It is not an arena as FPS can include persistant worlds such as Planet Side 2 and Heroes and Generas. FPS is not a 1 -2 button game of spells, but bullets and warefare.
    World of Tanks is more FPS / RTS than MOBA.
    MOBA is arena, that is, you enter a small space of lanes, or paths to hold or defend territory. This game is MOBA as there are several paths, (the most popular the middle path) to hold the central core. There is death and respawn until the point is held the longest by one team. This is the same in LoL etc… you fight long enough to take the point of another team. BATTLE ARENA.
    It is not surprising the mmobomb community is made up of brainless twits. Hence it’s sad spiral off the chart of real mmorpg community. I said good day sir.

    • Great job. You still don’t get it.

      Call of Duty Team Deathmatch is a MOBA by the definition you use. As are other FPS games that have objective based content, base wars, etc.

      Multiplayer? Check.

      Online? Check.

      Battles? Check.

      Arena? Check.

      The definition was created to describe games like Dota and LoL. It stands to reason that any game that isn’t similar to them shouldn’t be considered as such. I have read enough about this game to know it resembles an MMO PVP Arena more than it does a MOBA.

    • It’s funny, though… Albeit Allods and it’s Runes issue was annoying, but they were never half as P2W as virtually every other free MMO. I mean, at least you can enjoy the game up to max level without paying a dime.

      I played this game since it’s first beta date, and occasionally return to it. There’s nothing you can tell me that I don’t know about it.

    • Allods isn’t that bad, people scream it’s pay to win but you can buy anything on the cash shop from other players or even buy the cash shop currency with gold through an npc in game. It has flaws of course and i hate the fact that there’s no autoattack even though the skills are based on a tab targeting system but i’ve seen much worse from developers all over the world.
      I haven’t played this one yet but it doesn’t look like it’s even remotely similar to Allods and to write an entire country off over one game you didn’t like sounds foolish and borderline racist.

  6. you guys do understand that MOBA stands for Massive Online Battle Arena? it means it doesnt HAVE to be like smite and lol, ever heard of the Bloodline Champions? its great ass game but not too many knows about it so there arent many players. a MOBA is any kind of game which you play on a battlefield or arena

    • While this game DOES fit the literal description of the acronym MOBA, (as do MANY other games that aren’t labeled as MOBAs), you have to be careful calling it a MOBA because anytime you say that, people just automatically assume it’s similar to the DotA-style games with 3-lane gameplay mode.

      So yes, technically, it is a MOBA, but it doesn’t match what most people think of when they hear the term MOBA.

      • Indeed, that goes with every FPS too @dib, technically they are MOBAs but if you don’t understand the difference then I can’t do anything about that.

        • while for example games like warframe are no mobas because you are not on a Battleground/Arena but progresing in a level

        • So you define a MOBA by breaking apart the acronym, then someone turns the acronym on you, and then you say, ‘Oh, well, uh, it’s your fault for taking it literally.’

          Yet, the very act of breaking apart the acronym in your first post proves you took it literally. You can’t have it both ways.

          Either most Multiplayer FPS games are MOBAS, or they aren’t.

          Call of Duty and Panzar are both sufficiently different from what most people call MOBAs that they are their own category.

          Bloodline Champions absolutely is far more related to the term MOBA, I agree with that.

    • this is ridiculous. lets just ignore the fact that the term MOBA was created by Riot (makers of League of Legends) to label the DOTA/AoS genre without actually using the word DOTA. how in the world is taking the term MOBA at face value useful in any way for actually categorizing a game? any game that involves more than one person fighting in an enclosed area would then be a MOBA. This includes the mutiplayer modes of every FPS and TPS ever. Pretty much every structured MMO PVP. Hell, it even includes every fighting game ever. thats right, Street fighter must be a MOBA. That is, unless the world collectively agree to limit the term MOBA to describing DOTA style games like it was created to do. I’m not really yelling at you though, the term MOBA just frustrates the hell out of me. I mean, Riot couldn’t come up with a better acronym? and even if they genuinely couldn’t, they could have always accepted Action RTS (which has its own problems, but at least actually attempts to the describe the genre its responsible for…).

  7. No this is not a moba. I would call it a gladiator battle ground team based game. It is by no means a mmorpg bot the character’s progress like one. Different powers unlock as you level up. Still not my cup of tea but WAY better then any moba. I guess it’s like a fps fantasy based on crack. XD. That’s the only way i can describe it.

  8. Unfortunately I’ve only had a chance to create a character and play through the tutorial so far.. However it feels promising ! Can’t wait to submerge myself into more of it 🙂

  9. I just played this all day after I got the announce on massively.com. It is pure crap. It is MOBA. But less characters and emphasis on skills, and armor and weapon crafting. Each round gives materials. And you will level this stuff up to get more perks. The graphics are not bad, neither is the idea, but the design is pure fail. There are several lanes, but the objective is to hold the center…all maps. This means ZERG like a mofo…That leaves all the extra trails completely empty. You can try to use them but all that does is create side line fights that benefit no one and have 0 strategy except everyones bored of zerging so you wander off or just noobs. The best strategy is just press forward for a few steps till you at center and (insert game play)
    JUST SPAM ATTACKS. There is no strategy to this. If you are healer, just shoot heals at people. Ranged, sit back and range. Tank, get in and tank. etc. etc. To prove this, My palladin gets a 1 hit shot by a tank…. They force your roll to really play your roll, you can not 1 vs 1 another based on skill (like other MOBAS), if your class is not in his roll it is dead. This strict railed game play makes for a crap fest of a game and you will be bored. The action is so stupid. It is just people waving theri hands around, so you basically spray and prey…mele attacks…bravo to this company for creating the first spray and prey friggin fantasy game XD. The only sort of strategic class is the engering gnome who makes gun turrets…but since it takes long and everyone knows, like TF2, it just takes a stealthed assassin to get in and break them.
    Seriously, this game is poo. I uninstalled after one day, if you want action fantasy, stick to TERA, if you want 3D MOBA stay with smite, if you want turret building shooter, stick to TF2. AVOID this game.
    There were other games like it that shut down, like that Warhammer spin off…

    • There’s a lot of misinformation here.

      1) This is NOT a MOBA like LoL, HoN, DotA2, etc. It doesn’t even remotely resemble those games. There are NO LANES…. it’s an action combat battleground game. The maps are more similar to battlegrounds that you might find in a MMORPG, but the graphics, animations, and fluidity of combat is really good.

      2) You definitely do NOT spam attacks…. this is most likely why you died so much. You have to make good use of your main attack, power attack, *BLOCK*, sprint, and spells/skills to be good. As you gain levels, you unlock even more skills and the combat becomes even deeper. Also, for emphasis, BLOCK… do not forget to BLOCK.. it is one of the most important things to do…learn to time it to block powerful attacks quickly.

      3) There is a lot of strategy to this game. There is personal strategy for fighting, and team strategy which required classes to work together. Each class has a role to fill and they can work together very well. You won’t see a lot of team strategy in random games, of course, but there is also a competitive side to the game with tournaments once you hit max level where you can create an organized team.

      You can’t run into the middle of the enemy team, get one shot because you refuse to block and use strategy to fight, and then complain that it’s the game that is terrible.

      • IT IS MOBA: YOU DONT NEED LANES TO BE MOBA! Check your brain. Let me spell it out for you:

        DERP more; all your other points are brain dead turds as well.

        • 1) You are retarded. 2) This game is not a Moba. 3) This is an action game. 4) You have obviously never played TF2, or any other shooter or arena action games. 5) you are lying about how long you played, otherwise you would have seen siege, kith, etc maps.

          :3 panzer dye

        • yeah…thats kinda why a lot of people think that MOBA is an idiotic genre name. it was invented by league of legends because they didn’t want to use DOTA to describe their game (they were competing with DOTA after all). the problem is exactly this…Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is an incredibly broad description which results in people unfamiliar with the genre (like you apparently) thinking every match based arena game is a MOBA. its not really your fault that MOBA doesn’t do a good job of describing the genre it represents, but think about it. If MOBA was what it sounded like, then Call of Duty (and every other multiplayer fps) would be a MOBA. structured pvp in every mmo would be a MOBA. sorry for the rant, but I hate the term “MOBA”. They really should have stuck with “action rts”. Its not perfect, but it beats making people think that just because a game is multiplayer and has an arena where fighting occurs, its a MOBA…


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