Cuisine Royale — the game that broke my heart by not being an actual food fighting game (I mean… C’mon…) — is getting a new campaign titled The Seasons of Grande Cuisine. In this new campaign, players will be doing a bit of “cooking,” effectively crafting a wide selection of items.

The campaign is broken into different seasons, each apparently based around regional foodstuffs — starting with Italian. So, when you’re crafting unique items using ingredients like Enemies Tears and Critics reviews, and kitchenware such as the deadly meat grinder, they’ll be related to whatever region is being covered during the season. In the case of the Italian season, you’ll be making fancy pizza pants, mafia suits, Venetian masks, provocative graffiti, antique gravestones, and other items that weren’t listed in the press release.

Basically, you’ll be making decorative stuff. At the end of each season you can decide to keep what you’ve made or sell them to other players for Gaijin Coins that can be used on premium ingredients in future seasons or in other games.

Also of note is that the launch of the Seasons includes a fix to other players being able to spy on you in games where both first and third person views can be used. Now, each player has a minion that carries a camera. That’s right. Now that small butterfly that just randomly appeared could be a cameraman spying on you. So… basically, everyone spies on everyone now. It’s all equal again.

If you’d like more information on The Seasons of Grande Cuisine, you can check out the post on the game’s site. You can also watch the video below. We’ll just warn you since the Cusine Royale devs warned us. There’s an offensive gesture in the video. But we figure you’re all grown, so you can handle it. And if you’re not grown… Do your parents know what kind of people you’re hanging out with?


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