Just in time for PAX, Outspark announced that it will be releasing the free-to-play PvP fighting game, Dark Blood, for North America and Europe this summer. In a world torn apart by power and greed, the sacrifice of four fallen heroes will drive their descendants to master a mysterious force, the last hope in defeating the insidious evil that consumes their universe.

“We’re thrilled to be working with developer JCR Soft and licensor GameHi to bring this gripping free-to-play action RPG to the Western markets. Dark Blood is a huge hit in Korea. The game has fast-paced, hack ‘n’ slash mechanics, exciting PvP arenas, an internal ranking system, and mature content.” said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “No question it’s a very sexy game with an adrenaline-rush of blood and violence. Players can look forward to many thrilling fight nights.”

Check out the Dark Blood website at http://darkblood.outspark.com. Each weekday leading up to the summer release, fans will be treated to sneak peeks of Dark Blood’s wicked monsters, weapons, armor, combat and more.


  1. great another gender locked closed mission game that puts you in a queue to enter a mission map with a max of 3 other players. These have been dead ends for years why the heck would they want to make another one?

  2. It’s like games are devolving! (I mean in the character aspect of games.) Every single action game I play are gender locked and/or you can’t customize them at all because they are a “Hero”. I like a game where you create you very own special hero. They may say that a “Hero” makes for a better story, but 95.5% of the time the story is barely there…

  3. I absolutely hate gender locked classes (aka hero system) in games,i don’t think i’ll even give it a try because of that.

  4. the dude with the big sword looks a little like Guts from Berserk. and his big sword just has some spike on it to be diferent. hope it isnt going to be rubbish. wouldn’t mind slicing some bad guys up

  5. The story from the video looked quite nice, tho I have seen stuff like this over and over before, I will give this a try, I do hope it won’t let me down like so many other games…


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