Phoenix Labs PR Manager Andy Burt took to the stage at GDC last week to gush effusively about his company’s partnership with Epic that will see Dauntless come to the Epic Games Store in April. According to PCGamesN, Burt called Epic “an amazing partner” and that Dauntless has “gotten so much promotion across the store already.”

Burt also revealed some interesting numbers regarding the player base of Dauntless, and his company’s plans to see them grow:

“Right now we have about three million players. I imagine that we’ll easily triple that pretty early on.”

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney recently stated at GDC that 250 million people have played Fortnite, with 10.8 million concurrent. That second number alone would be enough to triple Dauntless’s player base, so Burt might not be too far off with his expectations.

You can check out the Dauntless game page on the Epic Games Store now and play it when it goes live there next month.


  1. Registered users not means active players, im registered too and many my friends but we not playing it like most of people, CONTROLS ARE UNPLAYABLE AND DESTROYED THIS GAME, no matter in what store you put the game people will not play it, only addicts why lik to learn months how to master controls.Why was so hard to use simple controls like in almost every game and make this complicated headache !

  2. This was a hard one for me as I have 780 hours put into dauntless. However, I refuse to give any harddrive space to epic and their draconian anti consumer practices. So I’ve uninstalled dauntless and charged by all my purchases within the last month.


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