It’s clear that Phoenix Labs wants Dauntless to be a game about up-close, in-your-face monster-slaying. While the chain blades offer some slight ranged attack potential, it’s mostly a melee fighter’s game. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for at least a little bit more pewpew, right?

The Sharpen Your Skills update for the game comes in December and introduces a new weapon, the war pike. It’s a polearm with the usual stabby attacks, which you can combo together to poke holes in the sides of even the toughest Behemoths. Doing so gathers power and fills your special attack meter. When that’s filled, you can charge up a potent ranged attack — and hope your target doesn’t dodge before you can unleash it.

The update also gives slayers additional info on damage types while the dev blog explains how they can be best used in combat. Blunt weapons, like the hammer, have the ability to stagger Behemoths; a weapon like the war pike causes piercing damage, which creates wounds that can be the opening for additional attacks; and slashing weapons can sever body parts, reducing a Behemoth’s ability to fight effectively. And if you really want to know how much you’re hurting a beastie, Sharpen Your Skills lets you turn on damage numbers. Information, huzzah!

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  1. Still no range (chain blade doesn’t really count)

    I think they’re going for Melee/ Semi-Melee range weapons only, as maybe Ranged weapon would make the Hunts too easy, since you could just kite from far and stun Behemoths by hitting their head.


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