Dauntless is still in closed beta, which means there are plenty of changes to core game systems to come. This week, the team at Phoenix Labs talked about how they’re working on the axe weapon, to make its wielders “a more uncompromising force in the hunt.”

As part of the upcoming changes, perfectly timed high-impact swings with the axe will give a character “Resolve,” making their attacks uninterruptable for a short period. Even more fundamentally, right-click attacks and combos will provide mobility, while left-click attacks and combos are designed for “dishing out damage once you’re in the right position.” Finally, there’s a new combo finisher in the works, which will unleash one powerful blow after another.

These axe changes will go live in March. Further down the road are changes to chain blades, as well as a number of other systems, including elemental damage, lanterns, and buffs/debuffs. You can read about all of these changes in the Dauntless developer’s blog.

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  1. That is also a huge problem, the progression in this game is joke. The learning curve, if there is one at all is garbage. From t2 to t3 the difficulty drastically increases, practice is a pain because you can’t survive more than 2 hits and to do so you must kill t3 mobs to upgrade armor just to survive. Another thing is how the game punishes you and your progress for your team’s mistakes. 100% danger, no revives I get but YOUR hard earned resist you had to fight for is down the drain. A lot of the game could take a hint from MH, considering all the contradictory systems installed.

  2. Just the Axe? Oh boy… they need to rework the entire game if they want to monetize it somehow.

    Right now the game feels clunky and unimpressive, overall movement is slow, the behemoths gives no sense of danger while you fight them… there’s a lot of work to do before they leave Alpha.

    • no sense of danger? i had to laugh when i read this. clearly you havnt made it past the first 5 behemoths. otherwise you’d be picking up your teeth and pride. the second set of behemoths with all your gear upgraded to the highest the first 5 can take you will take off almost half your hp if you get hit. you need to farm them in order to increase your defense any higher than it can currently go. if you cant at least get some higher lvl to help you you’ll be sitting there in shock and awe as you wonder how your going to get past this next phase of mind fuckery. try to play a game more than 5 hours before commenting in the future ya damn noob.


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