Dauntless’ First Content Update Arrives In August


Dauntless has only been available to everyone for about a month and Phoenix Labs is already teasing its first major content pack. Sort of… They are being a bit cagey about it.

The Coming Storm update was initially teased via Twitter on June 10, saying that it would be available for free this August. Since then, as we all know, E3 happened and the devs took some time out to talk about the game in general and touched on the upcoming update and plans for future ones.

They didn’t say much about The Coming Storm itself. Other than the August release date, the only other thing we know is that it will add a new behemoth and a ranged weapon — as per continued player requests.

As for future updates, the dev team plans on an eight to ten week schedule for “big new expansion content” with 1.0 arriving at the end of the year.


  1. 3 key point; Monster Hunter, Fortnite Engine alike, F2p

    p.s; lolz I didn’t visit mmobomb for 2 month ? thank you for this information, I wouldn’t know Dauntless has been released

  2. how about FIXING the already buggy game ?
    i can’t accept my first quest
    any by a quick search i found ALOT of people having the same problem
    one of them stuck for 4 days until he decided to uninstall the game permanently because no one from the support team replays

  3. What are you complaining people that love the game will buy costumes colors and so on
    it matters not. Important is not p2w or stuff like that

  4. I cant imagine how they intend to make money with this game. I mean the game itself is good but there is nothing in the ingame shop worth buying and they made so much of the game clientside that its really easy to cheat in it.


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