Director of Development Dave Georgeson spoke to VentureBeat this week about the genesis of Landmark and how it sprang from a desire to include players in the development process for EverQuest Next.

Landmark started as an idea, that SOE would let players try out the development tools for EverQuest Next “a month or two before EQN launched” and it eventually became what we know today. Georgeson also talks about the gamemastering tools that are in development for Landmark that will enable players to create “their own virtual reality” in a “persistent, living world.”

If nothing else — and if you don’t follow Georgeson on Twitter, because he retweets player structures on a near-daily basis — it’s worth a clickthrough just to see some of the amazing creations Landmark players have come up with, thanks in part to a series of Museum competitions SOE has run to help provide some of the backdrops that will be used in EverQuest Next. One thing’s for sure: I ain’t got that kind of patience. Kudos to those who do!

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