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MMOBomb's Official 2022 Predictions: Kotick Stays, Anthem Goes, New World Goes F2P, And More!

Plus: Will Daybreak make noise in the new year?

By Jason Winter - 1 year ago
Trove Arrives On Nintendo Switch

The former Trion Worlds, and current gamigo, voxel-based sandbox adventure game Trove is now live on the Nintendo Switch.

By Jason Winter - 2 years ago
The Real Reason EQ Next Was Cancelled: Daybreak Couldn't Overcome "Technical Hurdle"

Remember when EverQuest Next was cancelled three years ago?...

By Jason Winter - 4 years ago
Just Survive, The Original Form Of H1Z1, Shuts Down Its Servers

In its original form, Just Survive was announced as free-to-play, launched into early access with a price tag, split into two games, both announced as not free-to-play, then its counterpart went free-to-play ...

By Jason Winter - 5 years ago
If Everything's Fine At Daybreak, Why Doesn't Anyone Want To Talk On The Record?

“Victory has 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan.” That quote is often attributed to John F.

By Jason Winter - 5 years ago
Daybreak's Rumored New EverQuest And PlanetSide Games? We're Not Buying It

When a company announces layoffs, disgruntled ex-employees usually talk.

By Jason Winter - 5 years ago
Daybreak Re-iterates It Was Never Purchased By Columbus Nova As Layoffs Ensue

This morning, Daybreak Game Company issued a statement regarding its ownership -- a matter of some debate over the past several days -- which was posted to its various games' forums, like this one.

By Jason Winter - 5 years ago
Daybreak's Next Game "Based On A Popular World-Class IP" And "Soon To Be Announced"

It seems like we've been tracking what Daybreak Game Company is up to with its next project for years now.

By Jason Winter - 5 years ago
Storybricks CEO Reveals EverQuest Next Design Proposals

Oh, EverQuest Next, will you never cease to torment us?...

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
The Subscription Model For MMOs Died Five Years Ago Today

Star Wars: The Old Republic was going to be the game.

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
The Time Capsule: Looking Back On MMO Predictions From 2010 (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Extra Credits has informed us via Twitter that the above video was actually created on Aug.

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
Amazon Game Studios Calls On John Smedley To Run San Diego Office

19 months after leaving Daybreak Game Company and just a month after shuttering the doors of his indie startup Pixelmage Games, John Smedley has found new employment. Smedley will head up the San Diego office of Amazon Game...

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
MMOBomb's Top 10 Free-To-Play Gaming News Stories of 2016

All the memes say 2016 was a lousy year in the real world.

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
Job Posting Hints At Daybreak Working On New F2P Shooter

Despite what happened to EverQuest Next, H1Z1, and Landmark, it seems that Daybreak Game Company hasn't completely given up on the free-to-play market. There's a job posting on Daybreak's careers site for "Senior Game Desig...

By Jason Winter - 7 years ago
3 Ways Daybreak Could Have Broken The EverQuest Next News Better (And Still Could)

No, I'm still not over it. OK, I think I'm over the news itself.

By Jason Winter - 7 years ago
Dave Georgeson Says He 'Absolutely' Would Have Delivered EverQuest Next

Former EQ franchise director Dave Georgeson has -- naturally -- been being questioned by his fans about the recent cancellation of EverQuest Next.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 7 years ago
Three Things To Take Away From EverQuest Next's Demise

Friday's announcement that EverQuest Next would never see the light of day sent shockwaves through the gaming industry.

By Jason Winter - 7 years ago
EverQuest Next Cancelled Because it "Wasn't Fun": Landmark Goes B2P

In what comes as either no surprise at all or as the biggest surprise of 2016 so far (depending on your thoughts for the last year,) Daybreak Game Company ended speculation today when their President, Russell Shanks, officiall...

By Michael Byrne - 7 years ago
Free-to-Play Retreats As More Games Shift To Up-Front Purchases

Free-to-play gaming, at least on the PC, has taken a beating in the last year.

By Jason Winter - 7 years ago
Bondage, Bugs, Butterflies, And Beasts: Daybreak's Video Preview Of H1Z1's Upcoming Art

The post-apocalyptic world is a scary place, and you never know quite what horrors you'll encounter: swarms of insects, savage animals, a man in his underwear wielding an ax (of more than one kind)... The art team at H1Z1 h...

By Jason Winter - 8 years ago
EverQuest Next Has A Major Obstacle To Overcome, And It's Got Nothing To Do With Daybreak

A few weeks ago, anxious EverQuest Next fans – and pessimistic EverQuest Next doubters – got a bit of good news.

By Jason Winter - 8 years ago
EverQuest Producer: No Next In 2015

Landmark and EverQuest Next Senior Producer Terry Michaels penned a producer's letter on the forums today, saying primarily that while the dev team will be working hard on additional material for the two games, communication m...

By Jason Winter - 8 years ago
Storybricks Closes Down; AI Tech For EQ Next "Co-Owned" By Daybreak

In a rather surprising bit of news, artificial intelligence gurus Storybricks announced its closure on its website earlier this week, after being unable to find a partner to sell the company to. Storybricks is most familiar...

By Jason Winter - 8 years ago
Breaking Down The Daybreak Breakdown

I've been wondering for a while just how Sony Online Entertainment is doing, from a financial standpoint.

By Jason Winter - 8 years ago
Layoffs Hit Daybreak Game Studios (Updated)

Apparently, there will be changes with Daybreak Game Studio, and they're here now. Longtime SOE/Daybreak employees Dave "Smokejumper" Georgeson and Linda "Brasse" Carlson were let go from the company today.

By Jason Winter - 8 years ago
Dave Georgeson Talks About The Origins And Future Of Landmark And EverQuest Next

Director of Development Dave Georgeson spoke to VentureBeat this week about the genesis of Landmark and how it sprang from a desire to include players in the development process for EverQuest Next. Landmark started as an id...

By Jason Winter - 8 years ago
SOE Live 2014: The Content of EverQuest Next

Cool classes and flashy combat only get you so far.

By Jason Winter - 9 years ago
SOE Live 2014: The Classes of EverQuest Next

After a year of mostly silence, SOE finally opened up about EverQuest Next, and it looks and sounds better than ever.

By Jason Winter - 9 years ago
SOE's All-Access Subscription Service Goes Into Effect April 23

SOE went back and forth a bit when their initial plan for subscriptions met with some fan resistance.

By Michael Dunaway - 9 years ago
Going Viral: SOE Announces Zombie-Survival Game H1Z1 (Updated w/Monetization Talk)

It had been hinted at for some time that Sony Online Entertainment was working on...

By Michael Dunaway - 9 years ago