Daybreak's CEO Taking Over As Acting CEO Of Enad Global 7

Half of EG7's revenue comes from live-service games.

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EG7 CEO Robin Flodin

Daybreak Game Company's owner, Enad Global 7, is under new management -- but for Daybreak, it's actually old (or current) management. Daybreak CEO Ji Ham is taking over as acting CEO, after it was announced that EG7 CEO and co-founder Robin Flodin would be stepping down from his position. Flodin will remain with the company for six months, to assist Ji in the transition, while a search is conducted to find a permanent replacement.

The announcement from EG7 offers no details as to why Flodin is departing, which comes as a surprising move. EG7 has been expanding via several mergers and acquisitions recently, including Daybreak and MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games, and openly stated that it was looking for more M&A in the future. That seems like an important time for a company, and not when you'd want to make changes at the top level of leadership.

In my opinion, Flodin had come across rather well in videos where he talked about the progress being made with the companies and games under his auspices. His departure could be a blow not just to whatever management skills he provided but also to the improved optics that he offered for Daybreak's games following the company's "ownership" by Columbus Nova.

EG7 also released its financial data for the second quarter of 2021, in the form of both a brief Powerpoint presentation and a longer, numbers-heavy, report. I pored through them as best I could, but there didn't seem to be anything too fantastic in terms of reveals or numbers.

Only two points struck me as notable. First, live-service games accounted for 50% of the company's revenue, with another 12% coming from other games. And second, EG7 claims to have 845 total employees worldwide. Not all of them have operations as extensive as Daybreak's, but looking at the map that shows 13 companies spread across three continents, that number seems to be on the low side.

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