Back in August, we found some job postings on the Daybreak Game Company website that pointed toward the developer working on a new free-to-play shooter. Earlier this week, the plot thickened, with the discovery of a new domain name registration, which could be related to this in-development title.

As found out, the domain was registered on Oct. 7 by Daybreak. There’s no guarantee that “Mythwarden” (or “Myth Warden”) is related to Daybreak’s unannounced F2P game, but that seems as strong a possibility as anything.

If I had to guess, I’d say a title like “Mythwarden” sounds something like a fantasy-styled arena battler, more like Paladins or Gigantic than Overwatch or LawBreakers. Though I suppose we could hold out hope that it would be more open-world, like PlanetSide 2. A fantasy version of that would be interesting, which almost certainly means we won’t see it.



  1. I’d love to see Daybreak leverage the tech they refined on PLanetside 2 into a new IP. I’m not a fan of “Swords and Magic” but I’d give it a shot if it was built on the same principals as Planetside 2.

    • Agreed. We already got paladins champion of the realm we don’t need more overwatch copies. And paladins champion of the realm made it clear it’s a copy some of the characters and some of the environments look like copies except they sell micro currency and are free 2 play.

    • Yea, more like “F2W” because, you know, you can totally kick ass in that game without ever paying a dime. Every single weapon, ever single vehicle, every single upgrade is availible for free.


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