Time travel? In a comic book? What will they think of next!

DC Universe Online’s August update, Episode 15, will continue the War of the Light storyline while also introducing the Bombshells, DC’s alternate versions of its most popular femme fatales, consisting of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Talia al Ghul. In the Bombshells Paradox eight-person operation, players will travel through time to oppose Talia and prevent her from changing the outcome of World War II.

A duo adventure, Corrupted Zamaron, pits a pair of players against the Black Lanterns inside the Central Power Battery on Zamaron. This duo also introduces Indigo-1 of the Indigo Tribe for the first time in DCUO. Finally, a bunch of new styles will also be offered, and players will be able to cross factional lines with their iconic styles.

Like all DCUO updates, Episode 15 will be free to members and purchasable by non-members on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Playstation 4.


  1. Why is there so much news about DC Universe Online on this page, when this game technically is Pay to Play? It’s as much free to play as World of Warcraft. You can reach a certain level grinding on a core content, but 90% of the stuff (or more) is locked behind a paywall. It unimportant, that in DCUO you can reach the maximum level playing free, because it is very low and easy to reach, while the main strength of a character is in special classes and high level equipment, both unreachable for free players.

    It advertises itself as a Free to Play game, but it is not, not at all… I played this 4 years ago for a few monthes, gave it a second try this spring, but I couldn’t see any new free content. Nothing. Not even the oldest payment locked classes were opened, no new free campaing, no new free area.
    And still, there is a DCUO post almost every month on MMOBOMB, while no serious free stuff was given to this game in the last years.

    • Calling DC:UO a pay to play game and comparing it to World of Warcraft’s trial version is a joke.

      For one, the trial version only gives you 1/3rd of the core game. DC:UO gives you the entire core game for free. They can’t help it if you spend a majority of your time trying to blast through it.

      As for the DLC/Expansion, what game doesn’t have those that raise a level cap nowadays. As for it blocking you maxing out your character, pretty sure each of these episode updates (which are free) release a new duo or group instance for people to do to keep leveling that can’t afford the dlc. (Which is ridiculous because there are only maybe two dlc out of the 6 I know of that really effect leveling, which like I said doesn’t matter because they’ve been releasing free duo’s/group’s for a while now.)

      They’ve also revamped the mark system, whereas if you have some lower tier marks, if you have enough you can trade them in for higher tier ones. Also some of your gear leveling comes from crafting and mods you put in the gear itself.

      Take some time and explore the game. I just think that you’re upset because there isn’t a new island or area to explore.


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