Seven years is a long time in comics. 2011 was the year DC Comics tried its “New 52” gimmick, Joe Quesada was replaced by Axel Alonso as the editor-in-chief of Marvel, and the first MCU Thor and Captain America films hit theaters.

Seven years is also a long time in MMOs; a lot of games don’t make it that long. One exception is DC Universe Online, which has survived not only the years but also a change in management from Sony Online Entertainment to Daybreak Game Company/Columbus Nova. This month, it’s celebrating its longevity with free gifts to members (subscribers) and free players alike.

From now until Jan. 31, members can log in to claim a box that contains emblems modeled after Metal, the current special DC series, in-game posters of Earth-3 Superman vs. Ultraman, and an unlocked Paradox Time Capsule. They, and free players, can additionally claim an updated Dark Spector Batsuit — described as “swanky” — that was originally only available to Tier 2 Tech heroes. If your membership has lapsed, select benefits have been switched on for the remainder of January. Finally, Marks of Victory have also been doubled for the rest of the month.

The announcement also includes a retrospective of 2017 and a not-really-informative-but-at-least-you’re-trying-to-get-hyped look ahead to 2018. Check it out on the DCUO site.


  1. he latest Episode requires a CR of 207+to 255 thats curent level in game atm 255lv
    after lv 30 your lv get baste on gear as combat rating you clime armor set by set!

    All Servers Hero: 41,398
    All Servers Villain: 14,768
    US PS/PC Hero: 29,088
    US PS/PC Villain: 10,483

    Tier 8 requires a CR of 207:

    All Servers Hero: 120,789
    All Servers Villain: 45,661
    US PS/PC Hero: 87,932
    US PS/PC Villain: 34,119

  2. yeah and what .. i love DC .. but this game and its constant cap to 30 fps is killing in for me
    they should fix it after all this years by now ..

    30 FPS Cap FFS

  3. DC Universe online was a fun game to play back in 2011 but now I would give this game a pass for a reason as to why most people abandon this game.

    • Thats quite much bullshit tons off ppl online both EU and US. maby look so u got right client! surver.. over 70,000 players online aday after 2017 revamp of the game and new armor styls are insine specialy resent Darak Night Metal # styl Red Death is insinely cool! cheak it out play dcuo now!


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