Daybreak Game Company has long boasted about the success of DC Universe Online on the PlayStation 3 and 4. Now it’s time to see if the former Sony Online Entertainment can carry over that success onto a non-Sony console.

DCUO launches for the Xbox One today, with all content from the PC and PlayStation versions being available from day one. However, XB1 players will be pretty much isolated on their platform; there’s no cross-device play with PC/PSN players, and you can’t transfer characters to the XB1.

As you might expect, you’ll need Xbox Live Gold to play DCUO on the Xbox One, which puts a bit of a damper on the free-to-play experience, but there’s nothing Daybreak can do about that. You can read the full announcement and FAQ on the DCUO site.

If you’re planning to jump into DC Universe Online on the Xbox One this weekend, leave us a comment below and let us know how it goes!


  1. hard to believe this game is considered free 2 play yes it has f2p shortly after you hit max level and hit end game content its pay wall after pay wall not to mention the unreasonable free 2 play models no trade and limited money/in game currency cap this game has by far the worst f2p model on the market. And I will say this I played dcuo and payed for it for years thousands of hours in play time and likely over $800 spent on the game the game is a money pit. The GM’s are fast to ban to if you are raiding and the boss happens to bug and do something odd its likely you will be banned for 7 days after words happened to me 3 times. And they are a no fault of their own kinda company does not matter if it wasn’t your fault they can not be wrong and you will suffer for their incompetence.
    [ps] if you like the game and you don’t mind paying out the nose for it by all means have fun and play it this is more of a cautionary post then straight up rant. but if the raid boss happens to bug out and some how get in to the spawning room or superman some how spawns 20 or so supermans don’t try to kill it with everyone else logout and put in a ticket so you are less likely to get banned and still have to pay for those 7days they ban you for they don’t stop your time/bill for they mistake bans

  2. I started to play DC universe online on my Xbox one. And I will say. The graphics are still rendering when you play. It makes somethings mushed together. I don’t recalling this issue on PC or PlayStation 4.


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