Superheroes (or villains) are now able to take part in DCUO‘s annual holiday celebration “Season’s Greedings” and can do so until January 7th. Larfleeze has returned and it’ll be up to players to gather up all the stolen gifts in Gotham and Metropolis to complete the primary event quest which then unlocks the ability to run daily quests (YAY!…..) to gather up Holly Leaves that can be turned in for holiday themed costumes and more.

Season’s Greedings also comes with 3 new feats for players to obtain and adds 3 new Henchmen Uplink Devices based on Green and Red Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corp. These, however, aren’t quest rewards. You’ll need to have a little bit of luck on your side to obtain these if you want them as they only randomly drop from any ON DUTY mission boss.

You can jump into the full details, including quest names, locations, and warp directions, in the official DCUO event post.

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