As if coming up with character names in MMOs isn’t already difficult sometimes, coming up with Superhero names can be even more difficult. If you spent hours coming up with the BEST Superhero name in Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online, you may want to log in this week if you haven’t for a while.

And I mean a WHILE.

Sometime after January 20th, SOE will be “reclaiming” names that haven’t been logged into since July 20th, 2013. If you haven’t logged into a character sometime in the last 18 months, your name will have an underscore and a Roman Numeral added to the end of your character name.

This frees up your actual character name to be reclaimed by a new or returning player.

Want to hang on to that perfect name? Simply log into your character sometime before January 20th and your name is safe.

That’s one way to get log time departers to log in I guess…even if it’s just for a moment.

Here’s SOE’s official breakdown.

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  1. That’s not our Catwoman. Thanks, Injustice: Gods Among us, for producing this one, but I like our Jim Lee version a little better. 😉

  2. This game is not made by PERFECT WORLD so it is not good game PERFECT WORLD make the best games always (this is my opinion) PERFECT WORLD an BLIZARD should learn from PERFECT WORLD how to make good game this is also a crap game

    • Perfect World Entertainment is a freaking huge joke, they are in the same league as SOE. Deal with the facts. How will blizzard learn from perfect world about a good game? They have been doing fine since before PWE even had a success… which isnt saying much for PWE.

  3. My char names are: Arrowdary and Quicked.
    Feel free to use them after Jan 20th.
    But i think i’ve played last year so it’s under 18 months of inactivity, lol.

  4. DCUO is a terrible game anyway, the amount of money it takes to play that game is phenominal.

    It is literally at the point if you play “free to play” it’s basically a trial and buying all the dlcs cost too much so you might as well buy legendary status. And to even get to the higher gears.
    I don’t know why you even post stuff about DCUO Magicman, it’s kinda silly to even say this is free to play even though it technically is.

    • Maybe so but it is news in the F2P market, and they do a rather nice job of keeping us in the loop about things. Important or not. What is silly is that you do not run this website or any. You can enjoy this game without legend status. Also, if i got all the DLC on sale (Like I already have) it still added up to being cheaper than any game at release. So where you get these numbers is beyond me. (I do not own the newest and probably won’t until its on sale…)

      • you say cheaper than any game at realease, I say eh, you shouldn’t have to pay anything for it or not that much.
        Plus in all honesty, I just don’t like the game, it’s just an endless grind. I got sick of it when people I played with were talking about getting rare costume pieces that cost millions of cash(which you need legendary to get) so they could get some skill points, and they already at 112.
        Like whats thew point, most people don’t even wear the costumes.

    • Oh I totally agree on this one. I remember Selfius and I going off on DCUO a bit on a Free to Play Cast a few years ago about how you pretty much had to pay for a LOT in DCUO. Having to pay real money to have access to all of your in game money (something SWTOR does too) was the one the drives me nuts…but my job is my job 🙂


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