DCUO Shuts Down New Raid to Fix Exploit

Daybreak Game Company still makes a few free-to-play games, and one of them, DC Universe Online, has a new leader — and it’s someone who’s well-known in the superhero MMO world.

Jack Emmert was appointed CEO of Daybreak Austin, from whence he’ll “be overseeing all aspects of development and reporting to Daybreak’s San Diego HQ,” according to a news brief posted on Gamasutra. Emmert co-founded Cryptic Studios and was instrumental in the design of City of Heroes and Champions Online. He takes the place of former DCUO Sr. Creative Director Jens Andersen, who was promoted to Executive Creative Director of all Daybreak games back in October.

All in all, you probably couldn’t ask for a better hire to take over a superhero MMO than Emmert. And it’s nice to hear of Daybreak growing, rather than shrinking, for a change.


  1. Emmert nearly killed City of Heroes with the Enhancement Diversification patch, hard coded power color code and hubris in saying he knew what the players wanted not the players themselves.

    Cryptic split, remaining became paragon. Jack kept the cryptic name, made champions online which was never successful, star trek online which was mediocre and neverwinter which gouged players on pricing.

    He sold his company to the Chinese (PWI) and now is going to ruin DCUO.


  2. Pff thought this shit is down already, only for sick teen fanatic, very boring gameplay all the time sam, and always u are alone, single player game with chat, characters have same skills just different animation

    • If this game wasn’t content locked a lot more people (including myself) would actually play it. There’s like 20 something episodes you have to pay 4$ each for. Unless you pay a sub i’m sure.

      • ye agree I really like the game but this can’t be titled f2p. It should be like free to try or something (the fact that f2p players can get armor 1 tier lower than the current best is nothing)


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