Kara Zor-El is getting a wardrobe change in DC Universe Online based on Melissa Benoist’s character in CBS’ new Supergirl series. The change isn’t restricted to new appearances of Supergirl in the game, but has also been put into effect anywhere that she appeared in her traditional costume before.

Players wanting to get a closer look at Kara’s new outfit can head to the Watchtower’s Meta Wing. For those interested in having the new costume for themselves, DCUO has announced that it is available in Legends for Members only and can be unlocked for 100 Marks of Legend. Previous Supergirl Legends characters will continue to be available as well.

More information on DCUO and Supergirl’s costume change can be found on the game’s site.

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  1. Yes this game is not as good as used to be..too many obsession with green lantern and bad tv show to boot. gotham show suck and this one is not too good either..supergirl whine too much compared to comics and not really fit for tv show since comic story arcs longer and more involve than this show. not surprise though cuz daybreak studios is not sony anymore

  2. Yeah cause that show is sooooo gooooood.. /proceedtorolleyes

    What’s next..Joker with no makeup and red hair looking like a schmuck a la “Gotham”? This game is slipping hard..


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