The dev team from Dungeons & Dragons Online sat down for their usual stream and gave players a taste of what they can expect when the new Warlock class is introduced later this year. With Turbine’s free to play title planning a level cap increase and other updates as well, 2015 looks to be a busy year for the veteran MMO.

Taking a look at the preview, the Warlock’s primary attack is Eldritch Blast. This blast of energy does have some options you can gain such as color and effect changes, and functions much like an arrow does for the archer. On the flip side though, your primary weapon does NOT impact the damage this attack does, so don’t expect to be equipping a great staff to make your blast’s damage 1d12 or anything. Animation wise, it seems very slow to me. Your character can actually outrun the blasts, but we’ll have to wait and see if any changes are made in the future.

It sounds like all the passives and traits that D&D players would expect for Warlocks are on the table or already implemented so D&D fans should be pretty happy with that, but the comments and forums aren’t exactly thrilled with some aspects of the Warlock including the wide variety of things Warlocks can be “good” at but most will have to specialize.

As much as I love warlock classes in general, this one really doesn’t do it for me to get me to come back to DDO, but what about you? Let me know below.

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  1. This game has gotten awful over the years, more and more paywalls and TP grind is plain dumb. Neverwinter came about for a reason and at least they got the decency to not lock actual content behind the cash shop. Merkadis is completely deluded and probably a turbine fanboy.

      • Lol ‘soul’ he says..the grind in DDO is souless and bland as can be.

        So I heard U like content being locked behind paywalls. LOL TURBINE SHILL SCRUB


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