Standing Stone Games released Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Age of the Alchemist update today, kicking off the game’s anniversary event and adding several bits of new content as well as a whole host of other things. The patch notes for the update are lengthy — I’d actually advise grabbing some tea before sitting down to read them — but there are a few things of note.

Among the update’s highlights are two big additions. The first is the addition of the Alchemist, an arcane caster class that allows for flexibility in how it’s played. Players can use them for melee, range, and spell-based combat effectively.

The other thing of note is the 64-bit game client — or rather, the update introduces the client beta. Players can now choose to run DDO in 64-bit, but they’ll want to remember it’s still being tested. Because of this, all game clients will still default to 32-bit and players will have to make changes in the launcher. (Don’t worry, you’ll be able to change back.) Using the 64-bit option will just create a separate set of preferences so the settings in each version of the client can be changed separately. Detailed instructions on how to set the client up are available in the patch notes on the DDO site.



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