Dungeons & Dragons Online‘s Fables of the Feywild expansion is almost ready for launch, and pre-orders are live now on the Standing Stone Games website. The expansion will include content for a wide range of characters, ranging from Heroic level five to Legendary level 30, and brings a new wilderness area, new public zone, and raid. There’s also a new playable race, shifter, whose members are “Humanoids that partially take the form of beasts to rend their foes with primal might.”

Other features of the expansion include a new augment system, the Feydark Illusionist Universal Enhancement Tree (available only with the Collector’s or Ultimate Editions), and the inclusion of iconic D&D monsters, such as displacer beasts, unicorns, blink dogs, cooshees, and more. You had me at “You get to fight unicorns.”

Fables of the Feywild is scheduled for a Nov. 4 launch, though that comes with a disclaimer that “in the event of delay, you will receive the expansion content and items no later than December 4th, 2020.” You can pre-purchase it via one of three three packages: the Standard Edition for $39.99, Collector’s Edition for $79.99, and Ultimate Fan Bundle for $129.99. You can pre-order any of the editions and learn more about the expansion on the DDO site.


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