The time has come. Defiance 2050’s open beta arrives on PC today and will run throughout the weekend. The beta period is live now — having kicked off at 10:00 am Pacific and will come to an end at 10:00 AM Pacific on Monday. The game client can be acquired through either Glyph or Steam after which players can create their character choosing from the new base classes: Assassin, Guardian, Combat Medic, or Assault.

During Open Beta, players are allowed to explore as much of the game as they can without level, power, or area restrictions. That said. There will be a wipe before the Founders Only Head Start on July 6. The game will officially launch on July 10.

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  1. as far as I have seen the game brings even less to the table than classic , classic was fun and all but it never really took off and gained momentum …. im not really sure but it seems that its the same game and the only new thing is the 2050 slapped on – lets wait till release to see if anything major changes and the beta bugs and glitches get sorted out in time , otherwise this might be the laziest PR stunt Trion has pulled since the fresh start server for archeage where they learned nothing from past mistakes only to lure in more p2w people

  2. i highly doubt all the work will eventually save the game but it might bring in some new players, but if i remember correctly through first looks and all the game hasn’t changed much or even at all.

    • The game didn’t need saving. It had a steady population. It did, however, need changing to play on PS4 and get new content.


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