With the introduction of a new NPC faction, Defiance players have more ways to acquire loot. The new Gualanee faction, known as ‘Ex Inanis’, offers players loot in exchange for the newly introduced Purified Gulanite resource.

To make the process of acquiring this resource more appealing to all players, the developers have implemented several ways for them to do so. Purified Gulanite can be procured via expeditions, emergencies, sieges, arkfalls, and contracts.

For those not wanting to do any of the above, or with some money to spare, there is an option to purchase premium versions of the loot boxes being offered by the Ex Inanis. These premium boxes are guaranteed to have Epic loot or better. They will also have a much higher drop rate for Legendary mods or weapons as well as Perfected weapons.

Full details on the loot boxes and vendors offering them are available on the Defiance site.

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