Have you been playing Dekaron for a while? If you have you likely already know that the free-to-play action MMORPG started a migration process last year to move the game from Nexon’s purview over to Papaya Play’s supervision. While the support functions in game transferred in June of last year, it’s now time for the servers themselves to flip the switch.

If you currently have legacy characters on Nexon’s servers you have until March 27th to migrate them to Papaya Play’s servers. Failure to do so means you WILL lose your Dekaron characters that you do not migrate.

Make sure you check out the migration process (if you haven’t already) so you’re all set for the new content that the upcoming “Action Update 19” will add soon.

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  1. I tried playing this game once… I hated the system where you had to buy spell books to learn new spell levels. Even Cabal 2 which was released recently has this outdated system. What a disappointment.

  2. So old game 2moons(accLAME hosted)/dekaron and its a pay to win, was fun for some time but if you not invest you are nothing even if u 24/7, devs still milk those few donors and work for food.

  3. Most popular? there are 60(max) main characters online in the peaktime, and 2000 AFK alt/shop char what looks like its popular… i like this game, i’ld like to know that this game is popular but its died. u cant get enough active ppl for most of the daily (ingame) events

    • You do know this is one of the oldest and most popular free to play mmorpg games right? and by “outdated” you do also know that this was made way back in 2008 what excactly would you expect?

        • Says the guy who is using cursed word over something so trivial. btw dont assumpt on something you have no idea especially when you dont even know who the person is and yeah im not triggered just correcting the guy please be minded that is the truth so if you dont like it it would be better not to reply on something about me considering im talking about the game and not someone.

        • You sound triggered and you stink? Wow dude. That’s like so hardcore, the neighbourhood kids have more street cred than you. Now please, go remove yourself from your parent’s basement and breathe some fresh air.


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